Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Worth Repeating: Boxtops Marketplace is an easy way to earn money

I don't have a lot of time to post today, so I'm just going to share my latest little bit of earning for our school's PTA, which I did through Boxtops Marketplace. It makes me happy and this is my blog, so here goes.

We're a family of vitamin takers. I often buy my vitamins through Amazon, because they've got the best prices. But this time around I checked, and found that they were offering the same exact price on my desired item. Free shipping too!

So, I stocked up and spent $50. contributes 5 Eboxtops, or 50 cents, per 10 dollars spent. So on my 50 dollar purchase, $2.50 is going back to our school. Yay. Thanks,! Here's a snapshot of my earnings page on the Boxtops Marketplace:

As you can see, my EBoxtops are pending. It takes 60 days to go from "pending" to "confirmed", because that allows time for items to be returned. It doesn't really matter, because General Mills only cuts checks twice a year anyway. The important thing is that the money makes its way to the school eventually. 

By the way, an enterprising PTA mom in Texas somewhere made a great video that explains the Boxtops Marketplace in detail. Here is is:

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