Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome to Parents $aving Schools

My two children, ages 5 and 7, attend a California public school in a woefully underfunded school district. 

In my area, PTA funds seem to cover just about everything besides teachers salaries and the roof over kids' heads. Playground equipment, assemblies, basic supplies for classrooms, field trips, arts enrichment. Almost no classrooms have aides anymore, so parents taken over that position, volunteering regularly in the classroom. 

When my older child started kindergarten three years ago, I dove right in, both on the PTA and in the classroom.

Sometimes I think: Is this my kids' school, or is this my job? Are they going to school, or we going to school?

Nevertheless, we're mostly happy with the education our children are receiving; they've been blessed with wonderful teachers and the community of families is great. And so we slog on, raising as much money as we can and trying to make their experience better whenever possible.

This blog is going to be about anything and everything to do with schools. How to raise money, how to not burn out, what other schools and districts are doing to stay afloat at a moment when there seems to be no money to fund education. I know I have much to learn.

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