Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Right

Being a PTO/A parent is a little like being Goldilocks. There is too much to do. There is not enough time or money. But every once in a while... ahh... something is just right.

Our school has a book fair every year. In previous years, a temporary bookstore was set up, stocked with brand-new books from a major academic book publisher. It was a lot of work. Families spent big money at the book fair, and a relatively small portion of the proceeds went back to the school.

Last a year, a new parent stepped up to run the book fair. The new mom changed things up--she jettisoned the high-priced, brand-new books (many of which were very commercial and TV/Movie tie-ins). The book fair would no longer be a fundraiser at all. It would simply be a community event.

The new mom collected books from FreeCycle and Craigslist for six months. She got donations of gently used books from friends and neighbors. She carefully sorted the books by reading levels and stored them in her garage. 

The bookfair was held on a weekday evening; all those collected books were laid out on tables in the cafeteria. Families "shopped" for books without opening their wallets. Everyone had smiles on their faces that said "this is awesome!"

"New" books for all, and a mellow evening with friends. No cost to anyone. Let me settle in for a little rest now.. because that's what I call just right.

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